European Maturity model for Blended Education (EMBED 2017-2020) 

This strategic partnership is about innovation in higher education by the implementation of blended education in the partnership and beyond. The partnership consists of frontrunner universities in b-learning European wide for full expert representation. EMBED will create a reference model for developing and implementing blended learning, embracing all levels of an institution: the design of the blended course, organisational aspects such as staff support and training, and institutional leadership, developing policies and strategies making the institution continuously innovative.


It is a maturity model with criteria and instruments to assess the degree of maturity of b-learning and innovation. Connected with this is a framework for change, based on progress markers related to stakeholder-focused outcomes. Internal stakeholders are learners, teaching staff, teaching and learning departments, technology departments and university leadership. External stakeholders, influencing practices and policies in universities: governments, European university networks and the EU level.